June 11, 2020

Alon Sariel & Anders Paulsson plays "Things that I wanted to say" יהודה פוליקר - דברים שרציתי לומר

Yehuda Poliker – Things that I wanted to say יהודה פוליקר – דברים שרציתי לומר a virtual long distance duet between Alon Sariel playing his lute in Israel and Anders Paulsson playing his soprano saxophone in Sweden:



Video editing by Markus Heggestad

Alon Sariel – arch lute Anders Paulsson – soprano saxophone Fredrik Jonsson – bass

Lyrics: Things that I wanted to say / Yehuda Poliker

There are things which I wanted to say but I cannot manage to

The words I chose are probably not the best of them all

Deeper than sea are the secrets which I cannot understand

Which I might never ever figure out

Dreams which I dreamed and they are still awaken inside me

Their fragments in my eyes are washed with a tear

And countless tormented nights that I drowned in wine

As lost on my track the track of no good

Not in all the ways that I wanted to go have I went

And in those that I went I must have mistaken not once

Sadness dissolved all joys every happiness I felt As if I asked for something which was already lost

But on all those tracks I’ve never lost our own one

And even if storms came around us I loved you and it was so good much more than good

And then when it was bad I loved you just as much