November 4, 2020

Na'ama Bay - Music inspired by Coral Reefs

Na´ama Bay

Music Copyright by Boko Suzuki

Anders Paulsson – soprano saxophone

Boko Suzuki – keyboard

Markus Heggestad – video production

Håkan Sjögren – audio consultant

Stellan Särlefalk – audio consultant

AZOTE – underwater photography: Martin Almqvist Stefan Beskow Bent Christensen Jerker Lokrantz Nicklas Wijkmarck Anders Paulsson Coral Guardians Coral Guardians combine music and science to raise awareness about the world’s coral reefs and what is needed to safeguard them for future generations. We work in collaboration with scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and communications experts at Albaeco. Coral reefs are the Rainforests of the sea, covering less than a tenth of a percent of the oceans, it is home to about 25% of all marine species. Worldwide, more than 500 million people depend on coral reefs for food, income and coastal protection. Coral Reefs are also a treasure of potential medicines yet to be discovered and a model for how to build our cities as they recycle everything. Sadly, we have already lost half of the Coral Reefs and with 2 degrees rise in temperature we risk losing 99%. For most people including myself, it is abstract and hard to comprehend why a couple of degrees can be so destructive. It wasn ́t until I learned that the oceans absorb 90% of our excess heat causing the water to be too warm for corals to survive. Surely there have been many variations of temperature in the history of our planet, but now they are happening too fast for the corals to adapt. Coral reefs have been around for hundreds of millions of years and we risk destroying them in a human lifetime. In order to preserve this World Heritage and Natural Wonder for future generations, we must hold our leaders and elected officials accountable and responsible to navigate towards a more sustainable future. If we do not stop the destruction of the Natural World, nothing else matters.


Anders Paulsson

Artistic Director

Coral Guardians