Paulsson with Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Dear Music Lover,Welcome to the Stockholm Concert House on Thursday April 16 at 7.30pm when Anders Paulsson will perform B Tommy Anderssons´s Reflections concerto for soprano saxophone with the Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by the composer himself.Reflections is dedicated to Anders Paulsson with generous commission support by Rikskonserter. It is based on a melancholy song by John Dowland and includes exuberant variations inspired by Benjamin Britten. The concerto is technically challenging and stretches the soprano saxophone´s possibilities beyond its known limits. Anders will perform in a high sitting position in order to balance the belltones with his thigh during the 3 octave legato leaps of the presto passages.This concert is part of a 4-day celebration of B Tommy Andersson´s music which also includes the percussion concerto Apollo with Markus Leoson and the premiere of Garden of Delights.The concert will be broadcast by Swedish Radio P2.